Whether you are a first-time home buyer or a seasoned expert, purchasing a home can be a complex process.  For this very reason, your Smothers Realty Group Broker will be there for you to assist in every step of the way.  Throughout each important stage, your SRG Broker will help you navigate the ever-changing housing market and lead you to your dream home.

Not sure what you’re looking for?  Your Broker’s complete understanding of market trends, local neighborhoods and financial conditions will allow your Broker to give sound, proven advice to match you with your ideal home.  Your Broker’s ability to really listen to what you want and see how you respond to homes will help narrow the search for you.



The Smothers Realty Group philosophy is that the better informed you are, the better decision you will  make and ultimately the happier you will be with your decision.  No second thoughts is the goal!

You should make a “wish list” of your priorities.  Your Broker can let you know which of those priorities exist in your target market and in your price range, and you can work with that list to narrow down your search to what you can reasonable expect in your new home.  This will allow for some flexibility when scouting for a home so that the process does not become frustrating for you.

Your Broker will provide you with the following to help in this process:

  • A detailed list of any homes that fit your criteria. This list can be emailed to you on a daily basis and will contain new homes the day they hit the market.
  • Because of Smothers Realty Group’s enviable market share (up to and 28% depending on the specific market), we can make you aware of homes which may be coming on the market in the near term that are not yet listed.
  • We will provide to you a complete list of professionals to help in your process from attorneys, lenders, inspectors and structural and environmental engineers to decorators, tile and carpeting vendors, contractors, roofers, etc. We have a comprehensive list of professionals who have been used time and time again with great success by our clients.



  • You will want to meet with a reputable lender. There is nothing more frustrating than not understanding what your real price range is.  You will also want to have your written pre-approval so that your offer is stronger and will be accepted more quickly and easily by the Seller.
  • Get pre-qualified!
  • Obtain your pre-approval letter!
  • Learn about the many loans available in today’s market so you are informed before you become attached to a home for which you may not qualify.
  • Your lender will make you aware of closing costs so that you are prepared to make an informed, viable offer on the property that you love.



  • Your Broker will explain the contract to you in detail so you are comfortable with it.
  • Your Broker will provide you with current market comparables so you understand how the home you love was priced.
  • Your Broker will negotiate in your best interests per your instructions so that to as great an extent as possible you can obtain the home with your goals and terms in mind.
  • Your Broker will send your contract to your attorney and/or lender if you so request.
  • Your Broker will attend the inspection with you and help with any negotiations that are a result of the inspection.
  • Your Broker will get names of professionals for you if there are issues with the inspection which need attention or quotes.
  • Your Broker will ensure that you meet all deadlines that are your responsibility on your contract so you remain in compliance with all deadlines.
  • Your Broker will attend the final walk through with you and ensure that everything is in substantially the same condition as when you submitted your contract, as stated in the contract.
  • Your Broker will make sure you to talk to your lender and ensure you have the right paperwork, insurance and money to bring to closing so that all goes smoothly.


Congratulations!  You have purchased a home.